• CSP will nurture and grow high quality schools.
  • CSP will increase the number of high achieving charter schools
    and increase the number of at-risk students being served
    by high achieving charters in Minnesota.
  • CSP will ensure every child in Minnesota has the opportunity
    to attain an education that allows him or her to succeed in life
    - no matter what income or zip code.
  • Charter quality is more important than quantity.
    Growth is not an end in itself.
  • CSP will do whatever it takes to close
    Minnesota's achievement gap.
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CSP's Charters 2.0--In the News 

MinnPost: School finder created to help Minneapolis parents find best gap-closing options. (CSP's new online tool featured). 2/27/14.

Star Tribune: Despite improvements, learning gap is still too large, Minnesota says. (Columbia Heights Global Academy lauded for closing the achievement gap). 2/11/14. 

MPR News.
 Bill targets underperforming Minn charter schools. 2/10/14.

Star Tribune: Hold charter schools fully accountable: If they can't educate kids, they should be closed.  (Minneapolis Harvest Prep mentioned as an exemplar high-performing charter). 2/11/14.

KSTP-TV: Debate over accountability at Minn charter schools (Venture Academy, a new Minneapolis charter, interviewed). 2/11/14.

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Charters 2.0

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Rep. John Kline (R-MN), chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, came to two top Minnesota charter schools yesterday [...]
Minneapolis, MN. 2.27.14. Charter School Partners today launched a new website that will assist Minneapolis (and surrounding area) parents to [...]
CSP’s Charter 2.0 legislative initiative to address chronically low-performing charter schools by empowering authorizers to move more quickly to shutter [...]
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